Taking it to the Next Level!


I am super pleased and proud to announce that I was chosen to be an ambassador in 2014 for the company INKnBURN!  INKnBURN is based in Orange County, California, and designs and manufactures all of their vivid and unique fitness products there, which means no outsourcing!  All of their styles are created with endurance runners in mind, but everything crosses over easily to other activities and endeavors, and even work and play.  Their focus, goals, and processes are outlined here.  As a small company, they are about much more than just high profit margins and a bottom line.  They are involved in the fitness community, and are truly interested in providing amazing clothing for training and racing that help athletes achieve their goals in comfort and style.  I’m really looking forward to bringing INKnBURN along this year on all of my Alaskan adventures!  To try out any of their goodies for 15% off, use code INBSK14 at checkout!


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