Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict


Last weekend, we came home from the Kenai River with 9 Sockeye salmon, all thanks to John’s newly acquired fishing skills.  Several of them were processed with my newly acquired filleting skills.  We froze the fillets, then grilled half and smoked half of the bellies.

Smoked Salmon

We marinated the pieces of salmon belly in salt, brown sugar, and Yoshida’s for about 24 hours, then smoked it over maple chips for 2 hours.

Eggs Benedict

For the breakfast, I stacked a Romaine lettuce leaf, a good chunk of smoked salmon, and a poached egg, then smothered it in Hollandaise sauce (using this recipe), and topped with a sprinkle of paprika.

I love this recipe because a) it’s delicious, b) it’s pretty simple, and c) it looks fancy.

(Paleo/primal disclaimer: I realize the marinade for the smoked salmon has a lot of sugar and even HFCS.  As I become more experienced and confident in the process of smoking salmon, I’ll start working on more Paleo-friendly recipes.)

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